Woodlands WCE is seeking women business mentors to help guide members in their entrepreneurial journeys.

Every month, Woodlands WCE hosts its Brain Brew, where members meet to network and exchange ideas. Many members have questions about specific aspects of business, such as social media, marketing, value & pricing, metrics, and expanding customer base. Woodlands WCE has created topic ideas that are presented at each Brain Brew to start the conversation and brainstorm ideas. At times, members have the same questions and are unable to provide answers for each other. A mentor would give advice based on experience and knowledge.

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Mentors would help other women who are in the beginning stages of business, or even those who have been in business and need advice in a particular area, as the landscape of business is multi-faceted and constantly changing.

Woodlands WCE Woodlands Women's Council of Entrepreneurs Women's Networking Group Tiffany MarascioMentors may have one or more areas of expertise, experience, and/or accreditation, and can facilitate the conversation. This is a way for successful business owners to add value to other women’s lives, give back to small businesses, and give back to the community. Women business owners will be able to share their success to help other women achieve success.

The life of an entrepreneur can be challenging and difficult to navigate, especially in the beginning stages. Mentors have been through these hurdles and can prevent other women from making common mistakes, help answer questions, provide business insights, and give some overall perspective. Woodlands WCE is committed to creating a forum for women to help and support other women in business and all aspects of life.

To learn more about Brain Brews, click here. To become a mentor or learn more, email Ali Everhard at wce.allison@gmail.com.

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